You can help your pressure washer last as long as possible by keeping an eye on its many systems! If you have a belt drive motor, one thing to check on is your BELT TENSION.


Advantages of a Belt Drive motor is that it is isolated from the heat of a motor, the crankcase has a larger oil capacity, and runs at a lower RPM, allowing the pump to run at a cooler temperature than a Direct Drive. Even more, the belts and pulleys absorb vibration. All these factors reduce pump fatigue and increases the machines life span. However, the belts can begin to wear and stretch over time, causing them to loosen.


Proper belt tension is required to keep the pumping system operating correctly which is why it is so important to check on your belt tension. It’s simple… protecting your pump means extending the life of your pressure washer, which means more money in your pocket!


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Remember, for user safety, always be sure that the power supply is disconnected before servicing your equipment!