Heavy Equipment


Because clean equipment lasts longer, pressure washing protects your investment by blasting mud, grease and grime from heavy equipment faster and deeper than any other cleaning method. These are ideal for companies with heavy equipment, flatwork clean up, tilt wall, bridge construction, aggregate cleaning, restoration work, etc.






Because facilities and machinery must be kept in tip-top shape and must meet cleanliness standards, we offer a broad selection of pressure washers designed to meet the needs of manufacturing, restaurants, resorts, hotels, hospitals, rendering plants, food processing facilities, etc.






Because vehicles—especially fleets—serve as a company’s “rolling billboard,” we offer a broad selection of pressure washers—hot and cold water, high and low pressure, etc.— as well as detergents engineered specifically for companies with tractor-trailer rigs, dump trucks, cargo vans, fire trucks, refuse haulers, school buses, flat bed rigs, etc. 






For cleaning farm equipment, we offer pressure washers rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture industry. With the great outdoors as your office, farmers know dirt, mud and muck are just part of the daily routine. We offer countless models of commercial-grade pressure washers that are ideal for cleaning farm equipment.





Hotsy Pressure Washer Safety and Operation Tips

Avoid personal injury and damage to property by following the basic safety guidelines provided in this video from Hotsy.