As an owner, you want to keep your pressure washer working correctly so it can last as long as possible! One easy way to do that is to always check your NOZZLES.


The nozzle hole can sometimes get restricted or clogged by debris, etc.. This can reduce water pressure and increase pump pressure. Not only does a clog reduce the cleaning power and performance of your pressure washer, but it can be a potential danger as well. The machine pump could become damaged due to the increased pump pressure or, even worse, the clog could also produce a burst hose. Keep your machine and workers safe by checking your nozzles.


If you notice a restriction in the nozzle, first try cleaning it and then recheck the pressure. You clean a nozzle by disconnecting your wand from the gun, clearing the debris with a small rigid piece of wire, flush the nozzle backwards with water, reconnect the wand and the gun, start the pressure washer and check the water pressure again. If cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, then you will need to put on a new nozzle.


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Remember, for user safety, always be sure that the power supply is disconnected before servicing your equipment!