A well cared for machine doesn’t just last longer, it is also safer! Keep yourself and other users safe by regularly inspecting your pressure washer for compromised components. While you are at it, be sure to check WANDS AND GUNS FOR DAMAGE!


The trigger wand and gun must be checked for common wear and tear that could cause an unsafe working environment for operators.


Just like nozzles, wands and guns can sometimes get worn, damaged, or restricted. This can reduce water pressure and increase pump pressure, meaning it can be a potential danger. The machine pump could become damaged due to the increased pump pressure or, even worse, the restriction could also produce a burst hose. Keep your machine and workers safe by checking your wands and guns.


If you need to replace your wand or gun, give us a call, we have it! We stock single-lance wands in lengths of 24″, 33″, 48″ and 79″ and dual-lance wands in 36″ and 79″. We also stock specialty wands including extension wands that extend out to 24′and flexible wands capable of 3000 psi. Click HERE to check out our PARTS & ACCESSORIES page and see what else we offer!


Do you have questions? Contact Great Lakes Cleaning Systems at 1-800-882-9274, email us at info@greatlakescleaningsystems.com, or visit us at our shop in Grand Rapids, MI.


Want to do more troubleshooting yourself? Click HERE to be directed to our Ask The Expert page, for a list of frequently asked maintenance questions.

Remember, for user safety, always be sure that the power supply is disconnected before servicing your equipment!