Taking good care of a machine doesn’t just mean that it’ll last longer, it means it’s also safer! Keep yourself and other users safe by regularly inspecting your pressure washer for compromised components. While you are at it, be sure to check HOSES FOR DAMAGE!

High-pressure hoses contain a wire braid that can become damaged over time. One of the major reasons hose failures happen is because the integrity of the wire braid has been compromised. When this happens, a burst hose can occur. Keep yourself and other users safe by following these simple tips below:


1.) Use the properly rated hose for your machine!

2.) Avoid running over your hose with a vehicle!

3.) Put your hose away properly to avoid excessive kinking!

4.) Avoid dragging your hose across the ground. The friction can wear the rubber off of the hose, exposing the wire braid!


Should you have a burst hose occur, call us here at Great Lakes Cleaning Systems. We have a variety of hoses in stock including 50′, 75′, and 100′ hoses rated to either 3,000 psi or 5,000 psi. We also stock specialty hoses including non-marking, jumper, 1/2″, and steam hoses.


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Remember, for user safety, always be sure that the power supply is disconnected before servicing your equipment!